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Get Australia’s Most Cutting-Edge Security Systems today.

Utilize your phone or tablet to control your home or business’s security system. Wherever you are, you may connect to your alarm system, outdoor intrusion, alarm detection, video intercom, and cameras at any time. With Home Security Solutions, your family and possessions are in good hands.

On-site Guarding Services:

We offer the appropriate On-site Guarding services for your company with the effectiveness and simplicity you require thanks to our cutting-edge technology. Home Security Solutions employ a unique technique to increase the efficiency of our guards.

  • Our goal is to become a partner in intelligent protective services.

By putting our customers at the center of all we do, Home Security Solutions is driving change in the security sector. By providing knowledgeable and enthusiastic employees, in-depth knowledge and innovation within each of our protective services, the capacity to integrate services into solutions, and the ability to use data to add further insight, we are able to meet the security needs of our clients.

Our highly trained security officers will safeguard your assets, property, residents, and employees while meeting the unique needs of your business. Home Security Solutions always have highly qualified guards and staff on hand to help you.

We provide our clients with the following on-site guarding services:

  • Emergency Response: In the event of an emergency, our highly trained guards are always on duty. Whether there is a threat to public safety or a natural disaster, we respond to all problems.
  • Anytime you have a security-related concern, we provide security consultation services.
  • Fire and life safety services are something we provide for our customers.
  • On-Site Security Guards – Our guards will protect your assets and buildings.
  • Management and Security System Operation
  • Traffic Service Control
  • Control of Access Services
  • Loss Prevention
  • Concierge and Front Desk
  • services for patrol and inspection

Additionally, we provide adaptable security services for transient occasions like conferences, seminars, building sites, fairs and exhibitions, sporting and cultural events, labor disputes, and retail establishments.

Post Management System:

Home Security Solutions also offers a Post Management System that makes sure our clients are informed of any activity involving their website and postings. Our clients have access to incident reporting, daily activity reports, electronic post orders, and the alert feature whenever an emergency arises thanks to this system. Additionally, our security guards employ the Incident Alert System.

Remote Services

With our wide choice of remote security services, you may feel completely secure knowing that your company is secure. 365 days a year, nonstop.

We are able to monitor tens of thousands of connections and devices each day with nationwide coverage thanks to our cutting-edge.

Every minute of the day is monitored by the Home Security Solutions Center. When your alarm goes off, we will immediately assess the situation and take action to lessen the effect using live video footage.

At Home Security Solutions, we provide remote services to suit all requirements and preferences, including scalable intrusion alarms for residences and companies, personal GPS services, and temporary alarm solutions with or without video verification.

  • Remote Alarm Observation
  • Video Verification through Distance
  • Remote Track and Trace Personal
  • Remote Monitoring

Services for Electronic Security:

We specialize in creating, putting in place, maintaining, and keeping an eye on sophisticated electronic security solutions. Businesses all around Australia depend on us to offer thoughtful security protection. Some of Australia’s most prestigious venues have received advanced systems from Securitas Electronic Security.

Activated Security

Home Security Solutions company’s security strategy is built on electronic security solutions. Well-known systems like security cameras and burglar alarms add a physical layer of protection that works to deter crime and spot signals of an unauthorized presence on your property.

Our specialists have the skills and knowledge required to maintain your systems so that they continue to function successfully and secure your organization, from establishing fundamental corporate security systems to integrating advanced solutions that use artificial intelligence and analytics.

Even better, we can manage every aspect of your systems, sparing you with the hassle of dealing with several vendors.

System Design and Development

Count on our professionals to deliver the best custom design possible.

Maintenance and Service

Our group can offer continuous upkeep and assistance.

Control of access and biometrics

We have expertise in multi-site integrated access control design and installation for some of Australia’s most secure institutions.

Services for Video Security

Our team’s excellent network design capabilities and expertise in network design and implementation help our clients. The best-in-class CCTV technologies used guarantee quick recovery, clever search, and always-on performance.


Premium security solutions are offered by Home Security Solutions, guaranteeing round-the-clock protection and complete peace of mind. In Australia, we provide specialized solutions that combine security personnel, technology, and risk management. We will work with you to create a customized security strategy that is appropriate for your business, including security systems and on-the-ground personnel at all times.

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