How A Security Guard Can Overcome the Challenges He Faced? 

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A security guard is a person who works as an employee. The security guard may be hired by the government, educational institutes, banks, offices, factories, restaurants, high-class bakeries, or high-class people in societies.  

Security guard jobs are very common in every country nowadays. Security Agencies Association (SAA) is a website that is used to find dependable and honest security guards. This agency also can provide you with a personal security guard if you are not safe in public. 

Role of Security Guard   

Security guard plays a vital role in our society. He protects others people. Most people keep security guards for the protection of assets, property, and other precious things. He does his work very quickly. He performs his duty very actively. He behaves very kindly and generously with other people. He is always alert, vigilant, or attentive. In emergency situations, he takes an action. He’s a risk taker.  

Duties and Responsibilities of Security Guard 

He performs his duties at various work sites of buildings and grounds. 

He squares, examine and controls gateways, main and rear doors, gaps and courtyards are secure. 

If they are in good condition, he scrutinizes and prove apparatus and machinery.

He checks and reviews work locations for any standpipe, escapes, fire hazards and other peril factors. 

Protector company’s property and possessions against burglaries and fire hazards. 

Check and screen visitors entering the guarded premises. 

He permits only visitors or guests who are official to enter the sites. 

CCTV and report rules destructions like strolling and smoking at a work place. 

Verify that employees do not carry in or carry out any prohibited drills or objects. 

Ensure severe obedience to corporate security laws, rules and regulations. 

Types of Security Guard 

Some types of security guards are as follows: 

1. Government Contract Security Guards 

Security guards which is hired by the government are often highly trained and armed. These security guards are in positioned to protect, secure, safe and defend government employees and property. These types of security guards can work in a variety of settings. 

Their main foremost  responsibility is to protected and safe  a precise site or facility, such as courts or fighting command centers. If a high-risk situation arises, they may be called upon to protected employees and property. 

Furthermore,  the average abilities are  essential in the segment , Government Security Guards must be  “cleaned” unlawful record before being hired. Those with criminal records are normally ruled out as prospective applicants or hopeful. 

2. In-House Security Guards 

Companies are personally hired security guards to work for them in their houses. They are not slender or contracted through a private security agency.  

Thesesecurity guards are rewarded through and statement to the companies that hire them and work under that company’s prospects. 

Even though many countries forbid internal security recruitment.  Certain businesses organizations continue to hire. They  are allowed to hire in-house security officers. 

  • Tour Ship 
  •  Those security industries which provide information. 
  •  Hotel and Resort 
  •  Nightclub or disco Bouncers 
  • Parking areas  
  •  Exhibition halls    
  • Air ports  
  • Railway stations 
  • Protected Guards  
  • Banks  
  • Educational institutes 

3. Contract Security Guards 

Security guards are hired by Private Security Agencies (PSA). This is the most important security agency. Clients hired a security agency, which serves security guards that best fits the customer’s requirements or need.  

Challenges of Security Guards  

The first and foremost challenge is to face by security guards is to safe and secure their own-self and other people. They safe their own-self from different viruses. They wear mask on face to protect themselves.  

In summer, there are many more difficulties which is faces by a security guard. Some of their challenges are as follows: 

  • Lack of water  
  • Skin problem  
  • Rashes  
  • Sweating  
  • Effect and recital on attitude  
  • Temperature can attack health due to dehydration 

Overcome On These Challenges  

  • All the time retain a handy water bottle. 
  •  Keep drinking water.  
  • Before going on duty eat healthy food. 
  •  It is recommended to eat watery fruits  
  • Watery fruits help you to fight the impacts of heat.  
  • Hat or a cap will help you to cover your head and protected, safe and secure from sunshine. So, cap or a hat must take with your uniform 
  • Wear and keep sunblock which will prevent or protected from skin damage.  
  • Soft undergarments help to absorb sweat as well as secure from rashes. So, you must wear soft undergarments. 
  • Must forbade to standing or sitting below the sun directly. Invent or enquire for a sheltered space. 

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