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Australian culture is thought to be centered in Melbourne. The city center, often known as the Central Business District, is home to the majority of its theaters, museums, galleries, and other noteworthy locations. Beyond the core district, there is still plenty to see in Melbourne, nevertheless. Melbourne is a fantastic city to visit for any tourist thanks to its revitalized and redesigned industrial and old city areas that have been converted into residential districts, picturesque Yarra River banks, expansive gardens, and other places of interest combined with an extremely high density of cultural events.

Melbourne Security Services offers security services that are of the highest caliber. A fully trained security personnel is also available, as well as other types of security equipment.

  1. Video security:

Melbourne Security Services Pvt. Ltd’s market-leading video systems enable a better level of protection and risk mitigation when combined with highly trained officers, all while improving cost-effectiveness. How? More discretion can be offered by video than by any other medium.

It works well and is discrete. Additionally, it reduces a crucial legal risk. Due to the fact that a lawsuit resulting from a slip-and-fall can occasionally be just as destructive as a fire or a theft, video offers historical and evidential backing for you.


Our investigations have covered a wide range of topics, including competitive intelligence, wire fraud, criminal and corporate investigations, and insurance fraud, to mention a few. Our teams are made up of investigators from various government agencies, law enforcement specialties, and departments. We specialize in giving our clients access to current information so they can make better strategic decisions for their businesses. The outcomes we deliver can successfully aid in resolving any problems our clients may experience and preventing problems from occurring in the future.

Management of emergencies and business continuity

  1. Mitigation/Prevention
  2. Preparedness\sResponse\sRecovery

By creating strategies that enable organizations’ essential activities and critical functions to continue in the event of a disaster, Melbourne Security Services enables businesses to better comprehend the effects of interruptions. Analyze potential risks and weak points for organizations.

  1. Business Impact Analysis to evaluate potential events, their timing, and their effects on the organization’s primary goals.
  2. Provide standards and evaluate an organization’s risk-readiness while creating plans to assure disaster recovery.
  3. Offer strategic redeployment plans for the defense of people, material possessions, brand reputation, and financial resources.
  4. Identify essential and optional functions to establish recovery time goals.
  5. Crisis management and communication to protect or improve internal and external stakeholders

We are aware from experience that having the appropriate personnel for each unique work environment is essential to offering the greatest security. At Melbourne Security Services, we utilize our strategic staffing methodology to fulfill the requirements of every task.

This means that we identify the precise combination of abilities and qualities required for each position, giving you the peace of mind that you’re hiring the ideal candidate. A range of guard services is available from Melbourne Security Services to help you create a security plan that meets your specific needs and budget.


when a permanent, focused site presence is needed


when hiring a full-time security guard would be impractical or prohibitively expensive

   4. Access control systems:

Only Melbourne Security Services offers comprehensive, end-to-end service for access and intrusion detection systems. This indicates that we create, carry out, install, and maintain our own security measures.

  5. Mobile patrols:

Do you require regular property inspections to thwart criminal activities and guarantee everyone’s safety?

Maybe certain periods must be set aside for locking or unlocking doors, or vital gauges must be checked frequently. The cost-effective alternative to having a Security Officer stationed on-site full-time is to use Melbourne Security Services mobile patrol checks for office buildings, shopping centers, condominiums, parking lots, industrial parks, warehousing facilities, and construction sites.

To make sure your property is safe and secure, our highly trained Mobile Patrol Supervisors will visit your location in marked, well-maintained security vehicles at predetermined times or at random. They electronically record when they entered your facility, where they checked in, and when they left using cutting-edge handheld computers. Following that, Melbourne Security Services will send you all incident reports as they happen and make all security reports available to you in real time through our client website. With our cutting-edge time-stamped patrol verification and reporting technologies, you can be sure that we’ll give your security needs our full attention.

We use cutting-edge international security technologies, modern tools, and best practices to offer a broad spectrum of security services to people, businesses, and governmental bodies. We take great pride in being a flexible and quick-thinking provider of specialized security services throughout Australia. We take pleasure in our comprehensive expertise in security services on the local level.

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