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Mobile Security Provides

Security Patrols Melbourne offers you a convincing security presence that is tailored to answer your particular issues and fits inside your budget. Get the mental clarity you require. Security Patrols Melbourne is effective!

Mobile Security

Customers who don’t need specialized service can get economical security solutions from our specialized Mobile Guarding division. The round-the-clock services offered by Security Patrols Melbourne include mobile patrol inspections, alarm response, and technological solutions.

A cost-effective alternative that enables security personnel to visit your property at predetermined intervals is Security Patrols Melbourne services.

The optimal patrol timeframe and frequency for your property will be decided by local Security management in collaboration with you on-site. Operating branded Security Patrols Melbourne cars, all mobile patrol services are provided by highly skilled, licensed patrol officers.

Regular tasks carried out throughout Mobile Patrol Inspection Services:

  • Door checks (interior & exterior)
  • Border checks
  • Opening & shutting of facilities
  • Lighting evaluations
  • Evaluations of parking lots
  • Safety risk recognition
  • Single employee checks

Reporting in real-time

Security Patrols Melbourne offers web-based, real-time reporting of all services, including patrol inspections and alarm response, through MobileVision. Clients have immediate access to all information through a secure online portal as services are finished.

Among the specialty services are:

  • Equipment modifications
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Services for FLM (First Line Maintenance)
  • Inspections of ATMs for skimming

Our fleet of electric cars enables you to invest in a sustainable mobile patrol service for security guards that greatly reduces crime at your place of business.

Mobile patrols are an essential service for all sectors of the economy, including corporate, retail, and commercial. Security Patrols Melbourne is a 24/7 security service that typically works in conjunction with current CCTV surveillance and/or manned guarding. Mandated guarding and mobile patrols are excellent ways to maintain the security of your site and lower the risk of a crime if you have larger corporate facilities, such as a construction site or industrial site.

Many larger sites already have CCTV installed, but it’s necessary to take into account the locations that CCTV cannot monitor or the situations that could impair CCTV vision, such as at night when light levels are low or when bad weather affects visibility. The number of times your location would be patrolled by Security Patrols Melbourne depends on the size of the premises and your unique security requirements.

A great alternative to manned guards if your company is on a tight budget is the less expensive Security Patrols Melbourne. The number of security guards each day or night might range from 1 to 5. This implies that you can secure high-risk locations like gasoline dumping sites, automobiles, office buildings, gates, windows, and scrap and rubbish bins utilized for materials.

Why Do You Need Security Patrols in Melbourne?

We never use subcontractors and all of our security officers are SIA licensed. This means that as we invest in our people, Security Patrols Melbourne can always guarantee quality and that we will always select the ideal security guard(s) with the required training and expertise to fulfill your needs. We are aware that every contract is different and calls for a particular set of talents. This is crucial when it comes to mobile patrols, determining how frequently your facilities should be checked, and estimating the number of security professionals needed.

Alarm activation

Purchasing a security system with mobile patrol units can guarantee that activated alarms are legitimate and are dealt with properly. As a result, you are relieved of the responsibility of handling your own alarm responses.

Patrolling for prevention

It is always preferable to prevent a security incident than to have to deal with one. We can deter vandalism and other security-related offenses by performing planned and impromptu visits to your location and the regions around it.

All of Security Patrols Melbourne MPO (Mobile Patrol Officers) are deployed in branded, electric security vehicles that are extremely visible and fitted with tracking devices that record important information about timekeeping and vehicle location. Each vehicle also has a CCTV system in addition to the tracker system, which is another useful tool for documenting any security breaches, criminal damage, and/or any discoveries made by the MPO.

Our Core Solutions

Security Patrols Melbourne is in a unique position to offer the mobile security services you require, where and when you need them, thanks to its extensive mobile footprint and more than a century of security experience.

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