Some Common Misconceptions About Security Officers/Guards 

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Security Officers or Guards are essential to a business’s safety and protection. They not only secure your business but also your home, family, property, etc. We see security guards in every commercial place and they greet us at entrances. 

People usually have misconceptions about security guards and their duties. They think that security guards are uneducated and unprofessional. These misconceptions about them have wrong portrayed their jobs. 

So, in this blog post, we will go through these misconceptions. 

  • Security Guards should be big and physically fit 

People think that security guards look like bodybuilders and are big-heightened. But in reality, there are many more than these attributes like good intercommunicating skills and interpersonal abilities, etc. Security guards do not need to look like a bodybuilder appearance. 

Swift-thinking security guards often are more useful to your organization as compared to physically strong security personnel.  

  • Security Guards are untrained and uneducated 

The second misunderstanding about security officers is that people see them as illiterate people and untrained people.  

People think that they just stand out in the building and guard the area. In reality, they first go with training and then fulfill their duties.  

  • Security guards are languid 

Many people believe that security officers or guards are lazy and languid. They are inactive and are burdened with the finance. They just come to pass their time and do not do any effective job.  

Although the above-stated misconception again is also without sound grounding. The fact is that they are the most active and alert people. They have an eagle eye on multiple business activities.  

  • Security guards pose as terror 

The idea that they carry guns and other deadly weapons with them is again contrary to reality. Under normal circumstances, they do not have guns in their hands.  

They peacefully manage different business matters. Unwillingly, these guards have to use their weapons in extremely dangerous situations. 

  • Security guards don`t know how to deal with the public 

Another misconception that people have about security officers is they do not have good communication skills. They do not know how to deal with the general public.  

But in reality, they are trained to have proper communication with people. They greet you, listen to your issues and problems, and even help you in any matter.    

  • Security guards all are men 

Most people have misconceptions that women can not be security guards or officers. It occurs because usually, you do not see women as security guards in those commercial areas where you go. 

It is a fact that men overwhelmed the security industry but nowadays, there are several women conducting security jobs. Hiring women as security guards promote equality and also breaks stereotypes and neutrality. 

  • It is costly to hire a security guard 

Some people have an ungrounded thought in their minds that the deployment of security guards at different establishments is too expensive. Once again this thought is in sharp contrariety with reality.  

Various businesses have to maintain a very small portion of their total business budget for security purposes. And this percentage is responsible for the security of various business acquisitions and operations. If some businesses ignore this factor, the entire project can be doomed to failure. 

  • Security Guards Can’t Prevent Crimes from Occurring 

Another misunderstanding with people comes to mind is that security guards or officers can not stop crime. People think that security guards are languid so they can not prevent crimes from occurring.  

This seriously underestimates the role of deterrence in security services. While prevention is the primary goal of security services, it can be achieved in several ways. 

  • Security guards are unnecessary at low risks 

People have a misconception that low risky places or businesses do not need a security guard or officer. This is a complete misconception.  

Every business or property either small or large needs security even if they have low risks. Of course, security violations can even occur in low-risk places. So it is necessary to have security guards who can respond instantly before the police get to the scene. 

If you need any security services for your business for any reason, a team of security officers can help you. 

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