Some Duties And Responsibilities Of Security Guard/Officer 

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The Security guard’s duties and responsibilities rely on the consumer’s needs.  The most important duty of the security personnel is the precluding and deterrence of crime and enforcing the rule and ordinances where they are patrolling. 

A security guard has enormous responsibilities as many lives depend on his hand. If safety hazards detect in a timely manner and clear or replace before they become a source of menace, it saves lives.  

The important duties and responsibilities of a security guard are: 

  1. Be visible clearly 

The first thing that a security guard needs to do is show his presence to all. This makes the deterrence of crime. When everyone comes to know the presence of a security guard, it will stop them to commit a crime.  

  1. People’s security or protection 

It is the most essential and important duty of all security guards to protect and secure people in emergencies or unlike circumstances.  

  1. Maintain law and order 

The foremost duty of a security guard officer is to maintain laws and order in the place where they protect someone. This ensures the protection of lives and property and also controls stampedes and the breakdown of law and order. 

  1. Be alert and attentive 

A security guard must be vigilant and alert all the time as if security is attentive, it helps in preventing risks, threats, and crimes. For this reason, he should have very sharp senses of sight, hearing, and smell.  

  1. The first respondent in extreme circumstances 

A security guard has very sharp senses, so he smells danger from far away. After observing the danger, they respond to the violent circumstances as a first responder and protect everyone from damage and loss.  

  1. Good observer and reporter   

A security guard should be a great observer. He observes every smallest and largest movement around him. And in case of any suspicious behavior or movement, he reports the situation and movement to a trusty one. 

  1. Help and receiving guests 

A security guard receives, greets, and helps the guests. He serves to assist the guest. This is an additional duty of a security guard and requires him to be very nice, friendly, and glad in helping others.  

  1. Effective communication with the public 

It is typical fact that people get panic in hazardous and dangerous situations. If someone does not calm them down, an insignificant problem can arise rather immediately. 

So, it is another essential role and job description of a security guard is that he must be able to control the situation. They do this by effectively communicating with their clients and explaining the current situation clearly.  

  1. Implement Safety Precautions 

In any emergency situation, it is the important duty of the security guard to ensure the implementation of safety precautions. These precautions help in saving employees, guests, and the public from danger. It encourages the security guards to direct them away from hazards.  

  1.  Visit point to point in your site 

Another duty of a security guard is patrolling. They go through around the allocated location and visit the premise or area from point to point. Patrolling allows you to see what is going on and also it recognizes the safety risks throughout your site. 

  1. Other special duties 

Besides all the above mention duties of a security guard, he also does some special jobs. They are hired by individuals to do some work more than their primary duties. They may be done with more duties, for example receiving phone calls, responding to text and email messages, and running vital chores for their employer. 

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