In 2016 the Victorian Government introduced the Child Safe Standards. There are 7 compulsory minimum standards for organisations that provide services for children (or are used by children), to help protect those children from harm.

Whilst we do not provide services directly to children, we are aware that our employees and sub-contractors have incidental contact with children in the course of their normal duties.

OSS actively seeks to promote child safety and the protection of children. The purpose of our Child Safe Policy is to ensure that all employees and sub-contractors are aware of our ongoing commitment and obligation to the protection of children.

This policy aims to communicate our commitment to child safety, in a way that can be understood by all, including children, and it explains OSS’ approach to meeting these standards.


This policy applies to the following people:

  • All employees of OSS
  • Sub-contractors engaged by OSS

It applies to a broad range of situations where interaction with children may occur. For example, the Child Safe Policy will apply when employees and sub-contractors encounter a lost child or children.

Statement of commitment

a. are committed to promoting child safety and the protection of children

b. has zero-tolerance for child abuse and will take all allegations of improper conduct and safety concerns very seriously

c. OSS will ensure that such conduct is dealt with in accordance with our policies, procedures, and the law

d. will uphold the human rights of all children who encounter OSS’ employees and sub-contractors to feel safe and protected

e. has legal and moral obligations to contact authorities when there are concerns about a child’s safety

f. has robust human resources and recruitment practices for all employees and sub-contractors

g. is committed to providing training and education to employees and sub-contractors on the protection of children

OSS requires all employees and sub-contractors to uphold these commitments. OSS has specific policies, procedures and training in place that support its leadership team to best achieve these commitments.

Providing best quality system you can expect

All our security officers are licenced and are professionally screened and vetted. Our stringent recruitment and training processes guarantee our guards deliver unparalleled professionalism, flexibility, and customer service.

Optimum Security Solutions looks forward to becoming your trusted security provision partner.

Risk Management Plan

OSS has developed a risk management plan in order to support our commitment to child safety.


OSS has developed a comprehensive training plan in relation to lost/found children. Security Officers are routinely tasked to keep a lookout for missing children at events. All of our employees and sub-contractors receive both face to face and online training in relation to locating missing children. The training has been developed to ensure that children are located quickly and returned to their parents/guardians as soon as possible.


OSS has a robust recruitment and selection process in place. OSS carries out reference checks and police record checks on all applicants.

All people engaged in child-related work as defined in the Working with Children Act 2005, including employees and sub-contractors are required to hold a Working with Children (WWC) check. Employees and sub-contractors are required to provide evidence that the WWC Check is always valid whilst employed by OSS.

In addition, positions that may have regular contact with children due to their working environment are to be assessed and a determination made whether a Working with Children Check (WWC) is required to minimise the risk of harm to children.


OSS routinely conducts audits on our employees and sub-contractors to ensure compliance with all licensing requirements. OSS maintains a database that automatically notifies the employee and management when a security licence or Working with Children Check (WWC) is due for renewal.